I’m intrigued about the water issue however. I posted on 5/1/10 at 6:19 p.m….have since had the water company turn off the water and do the flow pressure test – the miserable sound is still there. Right now it's been going for 45 minutes. Seems like the 60 &120 hz sound generated makes teh hum less harsh and for mid levels un noticeable for a few feet aroind the machine. I have read with interest all the comments posted and feel compelled to give you my experiences here in France. P.S. Hence it is particularly annoying if you wake up at 4 in the morning. I did a quick Google search and thought I would find nothing or a simple easy solution. Start by shutting off all the circuit breakers in your home. I find now I have to keep a radio or the TV on in the background to try to mask the noise. Pressure in the line? Susan- If I plotted your hearing location correctly in MA, your 10 -20 miles from differnt Gas lines so your location might be impacted, but testing would be needed to track down the source. I would like to talk to you more concerning this sound. Ive done a (car test) to see the Sub-Station is the cause. As you can see it is driving me up the wall and I think I may have to sell. I wouldn’t mind composing a post or elaborating on a number of the subjects you write regarding here. 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I would contact your congressman and make a stink about this. It is possible, of many other possibilites, they are the problem. personally? I have since moved and I still hear it in my current house. One of the wildlife agents took me to one of the protected areas and the blue jays actually flew right up to us. The only thing that give me some rest is earplugs, but then I worry I won’t hear the alarm in the morning, which further contributes to my lack of sleep. To identify the source of the electrical humming sound, turn the circuit breakers back on one at a time. Authorities don’t want this out! This is such a maddening situation as the noise seems to come from everywhere but nowhere specific……I’m looking at the Water Heater as a possible candidate as it’s hooked to a water softener unit I don’t use and was installed by the previous owner himself and not a licensed plumber…. Skittering sounds, squeaks, buzzes and other noises coming from your walls … Pam, I’ve been researching elsewhere on the net trying to find answers to this dilemna, so just now checking back on this site and was amazed & happy to see your post. I have had the council out with recording equipment but it did not pick any sound up which i thought it wouldn’t and if it did, it still wouldn’t identify where it was coming from, this has got to the point where i am considering moving because if the council by some miracle come out and investigate and find the source, they probably will say they can’t do anything about it. peachie, zak and mike- I continue to check this site (see yahoo comment) and do need location data for plotting US hot spots on where people are sensing (audible inside structures, cars and vibrations). Steve, more specifically we are about 1 mile east of I-95 and appx. Wow we’re on completely opposite sides of the city. Majority of Humers hear it most often inside. We have one friend who said they felt the vibrations in one of the houses, and a contractor who said he heard the noise outside. Humming's Flowers and Gifts Catalogue alone features over 600 flowers and gifts ideas. You should listen for yourself. I also wonder what the code is for industrial/commercial buildings to use sound deafening materials, vibration absorbers, etc. So, you are not alone. BTW they have 3 high pressure gas lines, 2 of which are by me 50 miles away. The drone is back!! Thats as far as my travels in CT, but I am sure it is all the way up into the eastern part of the state. I live in North Central region of CT. Hi Glen. Intensity does vary but the noise is there. I searched on Florida Gas Transmission compressor stations and found many articles but heres one. The Navy uses low decible sounds for communications which have killed whales and dolphins. I live in Frankston, Victoria Australia and have had this noise for about the past 5 years. I actually like what you have bought here, certainly like what you’re saying and the best way during which you say it. No link has been found between both although medical experts still suggest, it’s a form of tinnitus . Efforts were also made to send for the powergrid technician to measure Emf @ the electrical substation located next to our flat. Excellent read! Be cautious not to jump to conclusions. If you open the gas boiler you should see a knob that can be turned to release water from the system thus lowering the pressure. And that was years ago. It can hum when demand is high. (Dimmer switches can hum for other reasons—see below.) Anyway Steve, back to your research. We discovered that when our mobile phones were turned off the high fequency sound disappeared. it will close us down further. What town are you in for the mapping of HUM reports. First in area of Park & Harrison, then near the Mims/T-ville border, then back to Harrison area. We are one of the leading gifting companies in Singapore specialising in customisable flowers and gifts. Bats, counted 2 the whole year. endorsed in this program. Just resistance to admit it. I don’t listen to music loudly, so the new youth might be encouraged to lose their hearing so they could not actually detect the Waves of mind control. karen : The hum was louder inside their house than out, in part, they believed, because their house vibrated in resonance to the 60 Hz hum. As for it being tinnitus, well, I already have that and I can assure you, this is not related at all. Actually I was thinking if there was a way we could survey the Las Vegas community in general to see if indeed there is a widespread problem. I’m going to try and record it before I go asking around to the neighbors. As a matter of fact the gas companies weren’t even sure where this line came from or went until they made extensive research. Alice, I’m in Pittsburgh and I hear it, too. Lately I am noticing the hum again, so I don’t know what happened. Audiology report was normal. The hum is driving my Neighbour and I nuts. I did a case study recently that a young man in West Hartford CT was having weird withdrawal, head issues. I am looking to engage the state university here in CT to bring credibiltity to my work. It’s winter here, so the furnace kicks in for about ten to fifteen minutes to warm up the place. ), Thank you a lot for sharing this with all people you really recognise what you are talking about! St Helens, Merseyside. So you hear exactly the same pulsing low Freq noise that is intermittent? What town? I contacted the UCF about 2-3 years ago about the noise/vibration (not sure yet tied to the gas lines or other commercial mechanical faults) to see if their noise lab would come out with their specialist equipment to at least source it, but no reply. This is definitely high time to contact plumbing service company like THA Heating, Air, and Plumbing Inc. I have contacted several state and federal agencies and my local electric company with this complaint. Tonight it’s extremely loud. I also think that contacting my Congressman is a waste of time as they have a very cushy job and don’t want to create any bad vibes for themselves by sticking their nose into something that is not any of their business and out of their control. Tonight it’s really bad. There are likely many sources, but there seems to be a common thread to where gas lines are and reporting- around the country. It’s driving me nuts because I can’t relax enough to sleep well. THis house was just built. Nothing was wrong….Now, I think about a plumber but with no leads at all and a such a faint sound during the day, I am not sure it won’t be a waste of his time and my money! we all have our own theories as to what is the cause but only those that have tuly experienced the exact symptoms as the initial reporter (as I do) but has also remedied the problem with a successful outcome can actually solve this issue for the rest of us.Please can anyone help us solve our Issue. Bob that’s why we need a full investigation to get to the bottom of all the damnation sources. It's been present 24/7 for many years. Thank you, Are you saying, they are saying they aren’t running the engines? That may or may not be an explanation of yours. More research is needed but I’ve decided to consult an Audiologist instead of another Plumber………. I assume your around Orlando, more and more hums being plotted on a US hum map I am collecting of hum vs high pressure interstate pipelines. No it’s not an aquarium in my case. It can cause nausea, vertigo, bewilderment why you are hearing something like this all the time, ear pressure and tingling feelings in your feet and legs when they touch the floor. Mart I see later comment -Sydney. My middle child can hear it to but no one else in the family can. I wonder if that’s the cause. A man is tormented by a low-frequency humming sound emanating from his house. I did some perusing this morning for SW FL and for one county Hillsbough it was fine, but Colier shows no lines, which I beleive were one teh map previously, maybe not??. BUT…Seems to be 60hz or so occasionally oscillating to 120 or so, so electric? Still humming. Lately it has been worse than ever. Already searched the source to no avail… The everywhere and nowhere comment is dead on! Payne is a hearer of the mysterious global phenomenon known as the Hum. I was recently in the city of Fremont for a few weeks, and most definitely heard the same LFN in the house (owner didn’t hear it) at 1500 ft from a line, and 1.12/.84 miles from two freeways. Wikipedia has a good description under Taos Hum which is where the Hum got it’s name, Taos. Now it is never ending. Do you still hear the HUM. Mains hum describes the humming or buzzing sound made by electrical equipment or wires. Wiring and outlets : These elements can hum for a variety of reasons, many of which signify danger. I don’t know, what ever it is we may never find out. Will read on…. Electrical hums and buzzes are quite common in the home. I'm looking for ideas on what might cause the very deep hum I hear in my house when it's quiet. Just enough to keep the water coming but at a much reduced pressure. All the best from the sunny Pyrenees; We like our house and general area,no crime etc but dont know if we can put up with the hum/buzz.forever! The links posted below are reiterations of earlier posts, but offered again to keep top of mind. -I started hearing in the hum in my early thirties in Pau (in 1990) Thank you. http://gma.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/mysterious-hum-only-canadians-hear-debated-172106207–abc-news-topstories.html. Yahoo Hum forum is active. I have done the same thing as others. But I can tell you there are many reports from MA. Usually lasts 1-2 min stops…1 min…and starts again….all night long. Had neighbours move in across the road from me about the time it started. Latest article straight from our new blog site