It's true -- historians believe that most modern Thanksgiving foods are additions that have come over the years since the first feast. It’s inarguable the Thanksgiving food—and the company—have just gotten better over time. Back in 2003, we consulted with historians at Plimoth Plantation, the Wampanoag and English settlers living history museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and asked writer Jane Walsh to devise a menu that incorporated some of the foods that would have been served at the first Thanksgiving. William Bradford adds that there were turkeys and Indian corn. There is a bit of controversy swirling around the first Thanksgiving feast, as no one can say for sure whether the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag feasted on wild turkey. 3. On December 12, 1621, Edward Winslow wrote a letter that made mention of all the food that wa… Why exactly the Turkey has been the star of “Turkey Day” since at least the mid-19th century is a matter of much debate, particularly given the … Source Image: However, turkey could be stretched in a myriad of ways - while vegetables and casseroles could stretch for days on their own, the turkey was a large enough bird to serve a grand amount of people and could be easily thrown into recipes for days after it was cooked. Patisserie Is An Edible Art Form, And These Are The French Pastries You Should Be Looking For. Turkey was most likely served at the first Thanksgiving because it was a bird of the new world. 8. Now a Thanksgiving staple, it is not known if turkey was on the menu in 1621. Wild Fowl. Barring ethical, health, or religious objections, it is pretty much the same meal for everyone, across latitudes and longitudes, and through the years of their lives. Yet it seems plausible that what Edward Winslow, a founder of the Plymouth Colony who was to become its governor in 1633, described as Indian-Corn indeed was included in the feast and in fact may have been boiled. There are no specific accounts or mention of wild turkeyin the Edward Winslow’s much-referenced account of that first Thanksgiving feast. While the turkey typically takes center stage at Thanksgiving, ... the popular pie actually originated in England in the 1300s — and it wasn’t served at the first Thanksgiving either. where the crowning achievement for dinner is the turkey that the entire family is so proud of - and looking forward to - before it's pulled from the oven and nearly disintegrates in a puff of smoke from being so dried out. 1. However, there is specific reference to fowl. Now a Thanksgiving staple, it is not known if turkey was on the menu in 1621. Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season, and it's common to have turkey at Christmas, too. "Today, however, nearly 90 percent of Americans eat the bird - whether roasted, baked or deep-fried - on Thanksgiving, according to the National Turkey Federation," according to 7. Other ripe crops like corn were also at the firs thanksgiving. Why's Trump Backing Saudi's Murderous Attacks on Yemen. She's included three invisible (well, barely visible) turkeys who, she says, "got away." Which of America's Founding Fathers wanted the turkey to be America's national bird, rather than the eagle? Best Was Turkey Served At The First Thanksgiving from Thanksgiving Day and Traditions. Wild fowl would have included peasants such as duck or geese and while wild turkeys were running around back then, it's not likely they would have started a hunt just to catch one to have at the table. As many spend this week frantically cooking the “traditional” Thanksgiving meal of turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and cranberries, it might be surprising to discover just how much that “traditional” fare has changed over the years.. It’s not just the food that’s changed. This was done to make the Christmas shopping season longer and more profitable for businesses. There is evidence, however, of a grand seafood feast along with certain types of 'wild fowl' according to the reports by Edward Winslow, who thankfully kept journals of all the goings-on during that time. The modern Thanksgiving didn't get its start until nearly 200 years after the first Thanksgiving celebrations. See why nearly a quarter of a million subscribers begin their day with the Starting 5. There is no actual proof that the colonists ate turkey at the feast either. Historians do not believe that turkey was eaten during the First Thanksgiving in 1621, according to Ashley Rose Young at the Smithsonian’s … A. The more she wrote, the more she learned about the world and, more importantly, herself. They're big ... and pretty useless. Down. If the early settlers didn't even have turkey at the very first Thanksgiving celebration, then how the heck did it become such a popular adornment for every holiday table? For some, that means that people who aren't used to cooking are attempting to cook a turkey, possibly for the first time. Any of these 3 stories may or may not be true: The first possible reason why turkey is eaten at Thanksgiving is that it was served at the Pilgrim’s first Thanksgiving. And it also goes on to prove that turkey is so ubiquitous and ingrained in American culture that even popular film culture made it the centerpiece of a hilarious movie scene. Many believe the pilgrims had turkey on that first Thanksgiving day, although we now know that is more than likely not the case. However, it wasn't just because of these reasons that turkey continued to be a regular Thanksgiving guest. Fowl, most historians assume, included wild turkeys and dusks. The first ever Thanksgiving is believed to have taken place in 1621 by the pilgrims and Native Americans, with turkey as one of the meals. First time cooking a Thanksgiving turkey? Wild turkey hunts started in 1621 and continued to be tradition, and it was the combination of these hunts, along with the fact that turkey was uniquely 'American' that caused it to gain so much attention. "That's an incredibly harsh observation," you say sadly. 8. If Merkel Goes, Who Will Stand Up to Putin? This is a common turkey blunder - the drying out, not the puff of gross smoke. Do not starve on your own and save out for a huge lunch or dinner throughout Thanksgiving, it will only end with overindulging and a sore belly. By 1857, turkey had become part of the traditional dinner in New En… This article first appeared on InsideSources. The forest provided chestnuts and walnuts, and crops provided squash, carrots, and peas for sides. Use a knife to _____ a turkey. Edward Winslow, the Pilgrim chronicler, wrote that before the dinner men went on a … Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. According to notes taken by Bradford during the fall of 1621, it’s clear that wild turkeys roamed the areas surrounding the Plymouth colony. 10. Answers: 1-B, 2-A, 3-D, 4-B, 5-C, 6-A, 7-B, 8-D, 9-C, 10-B, You have 4 free articles remaining this month, Sign-up to our daily newsletter for more articles like this + access to 5 extra articles. While it likely didn’t much resemble today’s gargantuan-proportioned, white-feathered affair, the turkey was certainly part of the day’s offering. What was the year of America's first Thanksgiving, as designated by the federal government? In a letter to a friend back in England, Edward Winslow wrote that the feast included fowl, deer, and “the fruit of our labors,” referring to what they had worked hard to grow all year. 2. For starters, the very first Thanksgiving wasn't even celebrated on the day that we celebrate it today (but we blew your mind with that in another article), and the dinner prepared was, actually more pescatarian than anything else. Source Image: By the Civil War cranberry sauce was so ingrained as an American dish that General Ulysses S. Grant ordered cranberries served to soldiers as part of their Thanksgiving meal. Actually, the first feast in 1621 wasn’t really one of giving thanks, but rather a normal harvest holiday; it wasn’t until 1623 that the moral tone of Thanksgiving began to take shape. There's a scene in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (if you haven't seen it, watch it!) 1. Follow these tips to serve the perfect bird The most important thing to pay attention to when cooking a turkey is making sure it's cooked properly. Most historians refer to the gathering between Plymouth, Mass., colonists and Wampanoag tribe natives as the "first Thanksgiving." This first celebration probably took place several weeks earlier in the year than it does today; the exact date is unknown but some estimates place it in late September or early October. Myth: Washing a turkey before cooking it kills bacteria. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. It is often assumed that today’s Thanksgiving menu originated in an event commonly referred to as the “first Thanksgiving.” There is indeed evidence of a meal shared between Pilgrim settlers at Plymouth colony (in what is now … However, there is specific reference to fowl. In fact, it is much more likely that cod, seal, lobster, venison, fowl, and the like were served at the very first feast and not turkey. The quiz below, from the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University in Ohio, tests your knowledge of the history and customs of the nearly 400-year-old holiday. She got her personal start with writing in the second grade, and carried that passion with her until she won a spot in her high school's published poetry book - but not before becoming the News Editor and columnist for the high school newspaper.